The Challenges

We selected challenges of four subject areas: diet, waste, household and consumption.

We believe they are relevant to all of us. Not only does our conscious behaviour in climate justice makes a strong mind, but can also reduces our personal ecological footprint and comes with a significant impact on politics. You will find out more about the challenges in our weekly newsletter and info material.

Have a look at our Final Report 2019.
  • Week 1: Diet
    November 02 – 08 Challenge A: Change your diet this week to either vegan or vegetarian Did you ever hear you say: “…but I couldn’t ever resist cheese/ meat/ eggs!” […]
  • Week 2: Waste
    November 09 – 15 Challenge A: Think of three ideas how you can use less plastic this week and implement these ideas. Almost everywhere products, packed, shrink-wrapped or even made […]
  • Week 3: Household
    November 16 – 22 Challenge A: Replace a product in your household cabinet with a more sustainable alternative. [do it yourself or buy ecologically and fairly produced products] Colorful plastic […]
  • Week 4: Consumption
    November 23 – 29 Challenge A: Use only five cosmetics and care products this week Take a look in your bathroom and pick out 5 products that you can get […]