Week by week

Week 3: Household

November 16 – 22

Challenge A: Replace a product in your household cabinet with a more sustainable alternative.

[do it yourself or buy ecologically and fairly produced products]

Colorful plastic bottles with chemical contents that are demonstrably harmful to health and the environment – there are other ways! Try to banish toxic substances from your household this week. With a little practice, it doesen’t take much time, saves resources and is low prized too.

What you can do:

  • Use up your household products first and save spray bottles and other containers for the next DIY campaign if necessary.
  • Use aids such as the app “Code Scanner” to understand and evaluate ingredients.
  • Orient yourself towards eco-certifications.
  • Make your own cleaning products, the recipes (see DIYs)

Bonus challenge: How do your friends deal with sustainability in their households? Tell them about the DIY projects and get started together – this way (also via zoom) it’s tmuch more fun!

Fact Sheet for you to download:

Challenge B: Avoid disposable items in the kitchen this week.

Reusable instead of disposable! Habits make us reach for cling film, paper coffee filters or other disposable products in the supermarket. Resigning is not a solution either? Then, there is usually a more ecological option just around the corner that is reusable.

What you can do:

  • Look around your kitchen and look for disposable items. Before you reach for new products, make sure to check what is still functional and use it up!
  • Find out about sustainable kitchen and everyday aids, how they can be integrated into your everyday life and, above all, what alternative materials are used in their manufacture.
  • Here are some tips for reusable products: Beeswax cloth instead of cling film, cotton filter instead of paper filter, cloth napkins instead of paper napkins, glass straws instead of plastic straws, natural fiber sponges instead of plastic sponges…

Bonus challenge: Look out for sustainable gifts and packaging for this year’s Christmas and Advent calendars.

Fact Sheet for you to download: