Week by week

Week 2: Waste

November 09 – 15

Challenge A: Think of three ideas how you can use less plastic this week and implement these ideas.

Almost everywhere products, packed, shrink-wrapped or even made of plastic, are waiting to be bought by you. Because demand confirms supply. How about turning your back on this supply this week? Reach for unpackaged alternatives and start prepared to start a less plastic everyday life!

What you can do:

  • Drinking tap water instead of water from plastic bottles.
  • Always have a reusable bag with you in case you need one.
  • Bring your own bags, e.g. for fruit and vegetables: For fruit and vegetables there are even special vegetable bags that are light and easy to clean. This way, the disposable plastic bags can stay in the supermarket.
  • Solid soap bars instead of liquid soap and shower gel. Other solid alternatives are solid shampoo, solid deodorant and toothbrush tablets: Solid products are often packaged in paper, so that a lot of packaging waste, especially plastic, can be saved. In the meantime, many solid products are also available in drugstores. By the way, they work just as well as liquid products.
  • Cooking instead of ready meals: Snacks in particular are often packaged in plastic. How about trying to make your favourite snack yourself this week. You will find plenty of recipes for crisps, crackers and cookies online. The advantage is that you decide what you want to eat. 

Challenge B: How can “garbage” be reused? Use a part of your “garbage” and make something new out of it.

The term “garbage” is rather negatively connotated. However, everybody is amazed about upcycled projects and is asking over and over again where it is available. See: “Garbage” is not just garbage!

What you can do:

  • Old screw-top jars: Old jam jars and of course all other screw-top jars can still be used as storage jars for dry food. Additionally, you can use them perfectly for storing food in the refrigerator or to freeze leftovers (caution: leave some space above the food in the jar so that the glass does not break in the freezer).
  • Newsprint as wrapping paper: With a few nice branches or cones from trees you can make the gift even more chic.
  • Wind light from a tin can (see DIY Kit).
  • Casting new candles from candle remains: Just collect the remaining wax from your candles for a while or ask friends if they will collect some for you. (see DIY Kit).

Bonus-Challenge: Get loud! Tell the companies that you want more plastic-free products (e.g. with the App “ReplacePlastic”). How this works exactly, you can find out in this weeks fact sheet.

Fact sheet for you to download: