Week by week

Week 1: Diet

November 02 – 08

Challenge A: Change your diet this week to either vegan or vegetarian

Did you ever hear you say: “…but I couldn’t ever resist cheese/ meat/ eggs!” Today you can challenge yourself, Today begins the week in which you can check if this is really true. Choose a vegan or vegetarian diet this week.

What you can do:

  • First of all, use up the stored food that are already open or need to be eaten quickly, even if they don’t fit the challenge. Because throwing food away is not a sustainable solution.
  • Take a look at the recipes for the day.
  • Find out which vegetable foods contain important nutrients such as iron, vitamin B12 and proteins (tip: legumes, hemp seeds, tofu).
  • Find a cafĂ© or restaurant in your city that offers vegan or vegetarian options and get inspired.


You like the challenge, but don’t you find it challenging enough? Add a little bonus:

Get informed about organic quality seals and the different requirements.

Combine Challenge A and Challenge B (see below)

Fact sheets for you to download:

Recipes to download:

Challenge B: Buy only regional and seasonal products this week

Do you know what is harvested or produced on the farms here in Northern Germany in the cold November? Discover this week what colorful and nutritious food from the region November has in store for you.

What you can do:

  • Find out which products are from your area.
  • The seasonal calendar helps you with your shopping.
  • To prevent food from spoiling, make sure you have the leftovers before you do your weekly shopping. Soups and vegetable pans are real all-rounders in that case!
  • Use apps like Too Good To Go or join food sharing groups – you can also look forward to non-regional products that you can save from the garbage.
  • Also in Germany, fruits and vegetables are often being sprayed, so wash them well before eating.


You like the challenge, but don’t you find it challenging enough? Add a little bonus:

We not only want to raise awareness for regional and seasonal shopping, but also to counteract food waste. Try the app ‘Too Good To Go’ or sign up at the ‘foodsharing’ initiative.

Fact sheets for you to download:

Find out which veggies and fruits are in season (Northern Germany) this month: