SoundSteps is…

an experience of intercultural exchange and (art-)working in an international team.

a challenge to step out of your comfort zone and find your creative voice.

…an opportunity to expand your artistic horizons and focus on one topic.

a connection with 40 different but like-minded young people from 3 continents.


01/04: First steps towards application should be taken – get informed.
22/04: Application Deadline
13/06 -14/06: Preparation Weekend in your country of residence
24/07: Group leaders arrive 1 day earlier (why?)
25/07: Arrival in Hamburg
09/08: Goodbye


The rehearsals (6 hours a day) include:

Work on the topic responsibility:
You will receive input, but should also be willing to share your own perspective.
Dance and/or music activities:
You should be open to improvise and to try something new.
Workshops given by professional artists (dancers and musicians):
Marion Sparber | Marcelo Porfirio | Maribeth Diggle
Public performance
At MS Artville, Festival for Urban Arts and Future

Other activites:

Exploring Hamburg and its cultural venues
Intercultural Evenings
Optional leisure activities like barbecue, pub crawl, movie night, ….

Download Timetable


You will be accommocated all together in the same hostel, in shared rooms (4 or 6 beds). The hostel serves all basic needs (kitchen, bathrooms, wifi, …) and is accessible.

Meals are provided there (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks). Your dietary needs will be respected. Please note that the food provided is vegetarian.

Preparation Weekend

After your application, you will be divided in 8 regional groups of 5 people.
Your regional group lives close to you, in the same country as you.
You will meet your regional group before the main project in Hamburg starts.
This meeting is the Preparation Weekend. It takes place on June 13/14, in your region.
It is mandatory to take part in the Preparation Weekend.

Group leading

Each regional group has one group leader.
Group leaders are regular participants that carry a few special responsibilities.

Read more about the role of group leaders.

You can be a group leader too!
To apply as a group leader, choose this option in your application.

Participation Fee

All costs including travel, visa, meals, insurance, … are covered. Each participant is asked to contribute with a small participation fee: more info.